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Tales of UN Youth Delegates – Interview with Cristina Andrada Baba

Romania’s very own, Cristina Andrada Baba celebrated her 25th anniversary exactly one month ago (that is March 12th).  This Aquarius holds a PhD in Marketing and aspires to become an IA university professor. She is definitely more athletic than the person writing this blog post: she is into swimming, hiking and traveling.  In two sentences, we […]

Tales of UN Youth Delegates: Interview with Fiorella Spizzuoco

Fiorella Spizzuoco, born January 27th, 1993 in Naples holds a Master’s Degree in International Studies. She loves travelling so much that both her favorite book and movie include imaginative locations (*Favorite Book: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, *Favorite Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel). She enjoys swimming, hiking, writing and working in in the field of Human […]

The week in activities: Thursday, the 24th

It is safe to say that UNA/ UNYA Albania kept busy this week with three important activities/events happening. The first took place this last Thursday, January 24th at MAK Albania Hotel (yes, fancy venue for an even fancier event judging from its importance). This was the launching conference for the Albanian Youth Delegate to the United Nations […]