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Coffee Talk 2.1: “Drivers of Change: Youth Mainstreaming in Formal Policy-Making”.

Coffee Talk 2.1.: A virtual activity that constituted the sixth event organized within the framework of the UN75 Initiative in Albania and served simultaneously as a commemorative event for International Youth Day. Being conceptualized as an overarching discussion, focusing on “Youth Mainstreaming in Formal Policy-Making”, the event focused on three focal points: Assessing the needs […]

Coffee Talks 1.8.1 – “Resilience and crisis: A two-sided coin”

The discussion for the last of the Coffee Talks series was motivated by the impact of two back-to-back crises: the great economic and social disruption as a result of Covid-19 and the damage on the infrastructure caused by the recent earthquakes challenged the Albanian Economy. Joined by MS. Limya Eltayeb, the Resident Representative of UNDP […]

Transporti: “Drita në fund të tunelit”për ekonominë post-pandemi

Një studim i fundit zbulon se një ndryshim në sektorin e transportit mund të sjellë deri në 15 milionë vende pune të reja. Si mund te marrim pjese? Për të mësuar më shumë rreth pasojave të pandemisë në ekonomi si dhe për t’u bërë pjesë e debatit, ju ftojmë bëheni pjesë e aktivitetit Coffee Talk […]

The holy trinity of educational simulations: Simulation Game

Simulation Game, MUN Albania and MUN Lab stand together in the framework of MUN Initiative, aiming at further promoting MUN conferences and culture in our country. This Spring, UNYA Albania organizes the second edition of Simulation Game, a chance for a life-like UN experience. Over the course of three days, young people will learn more […]

Coffee Talk 1.7: Join the conversation. Be the Change.

The ‘Coffee Talk’ project is a creative idea that intertwines a relaxing social ritual with intellectual conversation. UNYA Albania has organized six events in this framework so far, combining the promotion of the UN work, particularly the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, and the empowerment of youth. Next month, Coffee Talks series returns on the […]

Taking over Youtube / A Series of SDG Informative Vlogs

YouTube Informative Vlogs is the newest initiative of UNYA Albania which aims at informing Albanian citizens in general and Albanian youth in particular on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), what they represent, their importance and their impact on our daily lives. The implementation of this project was perceived as a necessity due to the lack […]

The Future We Want, The UN We Need!

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. We are celebrating not only the birthday of a substantial intergovernmental organization, but also a cornerstone of world order, peacemaking efforts, human rights, and humanity’s security. We have entered the last decade remaining for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda […]