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Taking over Youtube / A Series of SDG Informative Vlogs – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

Taking over Youtube / A Series of SDG Informative Vlogs

YouTube Informative Vlogs is the newest initiative of UNYA Albania which aims at informing Albanian citizens in general and Albanian youth in particular on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), what they represent, their importance and their impact on our daily lives.

The implementation of this project was perceived as a necessity due to the lack of social-media mainstreaming of the SDGs in our country and unawareness about them. Since YouTube vlogs have become an interesting way to inform people on various topics, this was seen as the best way to implement this projectEach video will be about a specific SDG based on the United Nations SDGs calendar, but videos will also include footage from activities organized by UNYA Albania, United Nations Albania and other UN agencies in the framework of UN75 and the Decade of Action.

This year, 2020 marks the beginning of “Decade of Action” and the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and this project will serve as a contribution to the successful implementation of the UN75 dialogue in our country, a joint initiative of United Nations Albania and UNA Albania.

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