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General Assembly 2019 – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

Last weekend, I couldn’t even get an answer. I tried to call but your GA wouldn’t let me dial. 

I have to stop opening my blog-posts like this. Otherwise, I might have you thinking I do not take this seriously and believe me, I do. You would think that 4-5 hours on a hot Saturday in June can only be spent by the seaside with a Mojito. Well, that is not too bad of an idea. However, I will never, ever trade the General Assembly of UNYA Albania for a Mojito or even two (No, I do not have a problem with alcohol).

Why is General Assembly so important? Let me put it this way. Most of you are probably GoT fans: Why was this season’s finale so important? The same goes to any other TV series fan. The finale is very, very important. A whole season of work is culminates at that very moment (more precisely, that 4-5 hours).

To further elaborate, the General Assembly always starts with a short speech (hopefully) held by the President of UNYA Albania. This time, our president focused on the changes we experienced this season, the clearer differentiation between UNYA Albania and UNA Albania, being the most prevalent. UNA and UNYA Albania now have separate projects and initiatives to work on independently while continually sharing experience and know-how between members of the two.

Unless the quorum is extremely emotional due to this speech, we normally move on to the review of each department’s work. Each director and vice-director report on the progress based on the objectives they have set for their department the previous year. This year, we based our analysis on other indicators such as average participation in departmental meetings, number of members left, number of new numbers also. Next, we ‘evaluate’ the progress of the organization as a whole. To be honest, I think we have done a pretty good job, overall.

Since we are amidst appreciation, we also have this tradition: “Volunteer of the Year”. Each month, one member of each department, the one with more workload is recognized as the “Volunteer of the Month”. Then, at the end of the season, every department chooses the Volunteer of the Year. After that, we all vote on the Volunteer of the Year between the four of them. Very proud to state that this season, the Volunteer of the Year was one of our own, of Marketing Department. She even got a SDG pin which is a big deal, okay?

..Hem. What did I forget? Well, we are also a lot of fun. Every General Assembly, the Marketing Department creates a video of our best moments throughout the year: our activities, socials and challenges to remind us of what keeps us motivated. Not only that, but the Human Resources Department (oh, the truth is that it’s Juliana, the director of HR) is very into meme-making. Let me just say: you better hope she does not come across a picture of you not posing for the camera in purpose.

All good things must come to an end, though. I mean, we had to go home and rest. First, new board elections. Let me take a moment to welcome Debora as our new Human Resources director, Juna as our Projects director and myself as the Marketing Director. I would also like to thank the previous board member for all their hard work and dedication and most importantly, for all the great moments we will always cherish. UNYA Albania forever!




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