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Team Building in Shkodër-BTS – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

Team Building in Shkodër-BTS

 Team Building destination…Shkodra!

Think of a perfect getaway for such a hardworking and fun-loving youth organization as UNYA-A? Well, this year the destination was Shkodra! Why? Easy, firstly because Shkodra is a renowned touristic and historical destination in Albania.  We went for Shkodra, also because last year we visited; this year we wanted to explore north.

What fun is fun when you do not combine it with productive work? We scheduled different activities throughout the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Friday evening, we were a bit worn out from the trip but this didn’t stop us from having a fun game night (this, we do not share) and bond with each other.

As for Saturday: It was the big day to conquer the city. The early birds of the organizing team had worked hard to plan the details of: Can you guess which one? Treasure hunting of course! The four groups, one for each department under the guidance of one of the organizers  had to guess the answers to 5 riddles, one for a different important location in Shkodra. We had to prove our progress with pictures.

The statue of “Luigj Gurakuqi”, “Migjeni” Theater, the Art Gallery, Radio “Shkodra”, the Old Bazaar, “Marubi” Photo Gallery were only a few of the locations the groups had to “discover”. We finished treasure hunting at the “Rozafa” Castle, a symbol of the city. We admit the path was not so easy for all the groups, and some may have also cheated but we don’t point fingers (it was Projects:p). But in the end the meritorious group won (congrats Marketing) and the view from the Castle was spectacular.

The afternoon was dedicated to work. “Arka” Youth Center hosted us our workshops on “Simulation Game strategy” and Trello. We were further introduced to Trello, a work-management tool we use for our projects and routine tasks. Everything we discussed on Simulation Game was reflected as a task in Trello.

Late at night, we couldn’t pass the opportunity to enjoy the joyfulness of Shkodra: singing and dancing (and drinking :p). Some of use overslept in the morning, some had a headache. We do not stop at nothing, though. We had another workshop Sunday morning.

After 3 more hours of thoroughly discussing  Simulation Game, it was time to say goodbye Shkodra. 3 days of work, laughter, fights (mild ones, not boxing) and fun made Team Building perfect. More importantly, now we feel even more inspired to work harder!

Here are some quotes of some participants on the whole experience:

Vilma“At the end, it is always about the people”.

Deborah“While getting to know each other and getting to know Shkodra we discovered we had something in common: we sure do know how to have fun”.

Glenda – “A few days spent in the company of great people, lots of drinking and bad humor, while exploring my home town in a different way. Don’t miss out on the next one”.

Joani – “As the saying goes, if we can laugh together, we can strive together”.

Sibora – “Little did I know I would be surrounded not only by a great teamwork but a whole amazing companionship. Team building was LIT”.

Mariana“It was a great way to escape the daily routine of Tirana, on those 3 days filled with laughter and memorable moments”.

…by Juna Hicka

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