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In ‘Earth Day is everyday’ we trust-I – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

In ‘Earth Day is everyday’ we trust-I

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No matter what, you can trust me on one thing and one thing only: Never will there come a time when I shall not provide you with updates from UNYA Albania’s activities. That is a promise and as a woman of my word, I keep my promises.

This past Tuesday, April 23rd, we organized the fifth edition of Coffee Talk *proud soccer mama voice*, my personal favorite relaxing, intellectual activity. Ugh, that was some adjectives.  The topic for this series of Coffee Talk was International Mother Earth Day. We spent two hours in the premises of the friendly American Corner Tirana discussing with our special guest, Ened Mato.

Among Ened’s most important environmental youth volunteer’s movements are “My neighborhood, is my home” project, “Kinder houses” social initiative,“Eco-cinema”, “Eco-movement”, “Eco-touristic guides”, “Youth eco-tourist”,“Volunteer action for a cleaner city”, “Unë Ricikloj” program and Ecovolis. I advice you look them up, if not all, as they are corner stones of eco-friendly initiatives in our country.
As for the discussion, the moderators, Aleksandra and Kristian did a commendable job, paving the way for fruitful discussion. We talked about:
Environmentalism, as a matter of culture or an education trait and how it is approached differently from country to country;
Implementing the 3 R’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in our community: According to a report by the European Environment Agency, waste management in Albania is at a very low level and the systems of collection and disposal are poor. The current level of recycling is low and there is a lack of separate collection of the generated waste;
Environmental laws and policies in Albania: Environmental crime is putting our planet in a serious danger by contributing to climate change, a phenomenon that has caused many natural disasters. In the Criminal Code of our country, there are some types of criminal acts against the environment, such as: polluting the air through emission of smoke, gasses and other toxic substances; polluting waters of the seas, rivers, lakes, or the springs of the water supply system with toxic or radioactive substances, unlawfully cutting, including the cutting of decorative and fruit trees etc.;
In order to show their commitment to climate action, environmentally-friendly initiatives, participants pledged to do one or more of the following in less than a year:
-Walk, cycle or use public transportation more often;
-Print less;
-Preserve water;
-Stop using plastic straws and plastic bags;
-Plant a tree;
-Buy locally-grown food.


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