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Simulation Game: Fact or Fiction ? – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

In case you are reading this, you either love my blogging deeply (that I am sure of) or you have heard about the newest entry in our activities list: Simulation Game. I sure do hope it is the second. Not only Simulation Game is a pretty cool name for an activity (especially in times of Game of Thrones final season vibes) but it is a participation-worthy academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to infuse a sense of diplomacy and dialogue among its participants, or delegates. That is a fact.

Is Simulation Game the same as MUN? That my friends, is a “Faction”. The answer is NO and YES. Although, both MUN and Simulation Game are United Nations simulatory conferences, they present some differences. In fact, Simulation Game is organized in the framework of MUN Albania initiative. Thus, Simulation Game has been conceived as an integral and complementary part of the MUN Albania Initiative (including also MiniMUN Albania and MUN Lab). This initiative is a year-long project that will provide discussions on different global issues while simultaneously educating the youth on the functioning, importance and role of the United Nations. The above-mentioned complementary conferences serve as build up to the largest and most complete MUN conference that has ever been organized in Albania (MUN Albania 2019 – which will take place in December). The novelty of Simulation Game resides in its focus on the SDGs and the simulation of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Is Simulation Game equally-challenging? Fact! Besides its name, this activity is not child’s play. (that does not mean it will not be any fun). Moreover, Simulation Game includes and improves research, public speaking, debating and writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. As you must have read, 50 selected participants will have the chance to walk into a diplomat’s shoes and discuss one of the most salient issues faced by the international community: International Migration and Global Development.

Does Simulation Game have a different target group from MiniMUN Albania? Fiction! Simulation Game targets any young person, ages of 16 to 27 years old, who wishes to improve their soft skills and enjoys engaging in intellectually stimulating activities and non-formal education platforms.

Will Simulation Game include the role of a journalist? FACT! The roles that can be played are those of a delegate/representative of a country, chairperson, and that of journalist. You did not hear this from me but most probably, there will also be a Simulated Press Conference moment (yay!)- a press conference at the end of each day of committee sessions.

Facts: Simulation Game will take place May 31st-June 2nd. Applications are now open. Reserve your spot early here: http://www.unyaa.al/simulation-game-apply-now/

More on the activity here: http://www.unyaa.al/simulation-game/ 

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