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Tales of UN Youth Delegates – Interview with Cristina Andrada Baba – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

Tales of UN Youth Delegates – Interview with Cristina Andrada Baba

Romania’s very own, Cristina Andrada Baba celebrated her 25th anniversary exactly one month ago (that is March 12th).  This Aquarius holds a PhD in Marketing and aspires to become an IA university professor. She is definitely more athletic than the person writing this blog post: she is into swimming, hiking and traveling. 

In two sentences, we present Cristina Andrada Baba:  I appreciate diversity: I like to learn, try and experience new things all the time. When it comes to life, I always listen to my gut feeling: when the feeling is good, I go for it.

Question #1: What is the role of Youth Delegates, in your opinion?

I think that the Youth Delegate should promote the UN values and the 2030 Agenda among the youth, to be a binder between the society and the governmental representatives and to successfully represent the young people from their country at local and international level.

Question #2: What are some of the qualities that the UN Youth Delegate should possess?

The Youth Delegate should very well understand the youth of his/her country and its needs and not only from the close environment but all groups of people: disadvantaged, with disabilities, the ones studying, the ones working, the unemployed, the ethnic and cultural minorities etc.

The Youth Delegate should be impartial and posses great ethic when it comes to decision-making. He or she should understand diplomacy and be informed on the situation of his/her country and preferably on the one of other countries.

Question #3;Which is the most memorable aspect of your mandate?

..Delivering the first speech at the General Assembly, feeling like a true diplomat and that your efforts do count and make a difference.

I can also recall the numerous meetings with young people and the hopeful look in their eyes, their motivation to act for themselves and for the society.

Question #4: What is the most challenging aspect of being a UN Youth Delegate?

Maybe, the most challenging aspect is dealing with people with disadvantages. Realizing how many young people do not have the chance of living a decent life is not only sad. It is also difficult to manage and to create opportunities for them.

Question #5: Can you share an amusing story with us and our followers?

Aurelian and I were about to miss the plane. We were running like crazy through the airport and were the last ones to board the aircraft, They called our names in the airport. And not only once but twice!

Question #6: What advice would you give to young people as yourself looking to apply to this programme?

Listen to your gut! If you feel it and think that it is suitable for you, go for it! And be yourself! Authenticity is more important than showing off!

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