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The week in activities: Friday, the 25th – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

The week in activities: Friday, the 25th

You usually hear about Friday, the 13th, black or freaky Fridays but soon, you will be hearing about Coffee Talk Fridays. Last Friday afternoon (yes guys, TGIF but I was not about to go all Katy Perry in here), UNYA Albania organized Coffee Talk 1.4 on the topic of Youth 2030 Strategy with former UN Youth Delegate, András Volom. The event was held at Europe House, our go-to venue for this series of activities.

Before I dive deeper into my blogging, for all of you who are not familiar with the Youth 2030 Strategy, here’s a little something: This all-colorful, 10 page long document was presented this September 24th at a High-Level Event  at the United Nations in New York by the one and only, UN Secretary-General António Guterres. The United Nations aspire for, quote: ” A world in which the human rights of every young person are realized; that ensures every young person is empowered to achieve their full potential; and that recognizes young people’s agency, resilience and their positive contributions as agents of change.” and for that to happen, action needs to be taken. Hopefully, the implementation of this strategy will drive action. In other words, the aim of this strategy is to scale up global, regional and national actions to meet young people’s needs, realize their rights and tap their possibilities as agents of change.

Now, as for our talk, I am not sure what was sweeter: coffee and cookies or hearing participants discuss on the economic empowerment of youth, priority #3 of the strategy and proposing/sharing information on different mechanisms that aid such empowerment. The moderator for this coffee talk, the lovely Alba Brojka sparked interest on the National Action Plan for Youth (2015-2020), as a mean of implementing Youth 2030 Strategy in Albania.

Furthermore, we talked about the link between youth empowerment and employment. How does education affect our employment? Is university a spot for networking or research? Does or should university serve the job market demand? How do internship programs smooth the transition from university to the job market? Also, we were further informed on how unemployment centers aid this transition and that led to another discussion: the shortcomings of unemployment centers.

All in all, we agreed on the following:

-Do our homework: Always be prepared!

-Progress is not linear: You can also skip a step in the evolution process.

-Be persistent!

-Be patient!

Don’t worry though: You won’t have to wait long until the next article on this blog is published.

Yours truly, 

Linda Kelmendi.

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