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Remember the time I was writing on this blog I was expressing on my experience in “Human Rights in Action” training program in Geneva, Switzerland? If you remember that (Sure you do!), you also understand that if it wasn’t for UNYAA being a WFUNA member, then my chances of participation would be dim, to say the least.

One thing at a time: UN Youth Association of Albania is a member of World Federation of United Nations Federations? What does this mean?!

Well, it means that we have graduated to another level: to the UNA Albania level. UNYAA is now the youth section of UNA Albania. Both of them have a separate board and will implement separate projects simultaneously. The Coffee Talks series: the UN Day Coffee Talk is one example. That is why we were in such a ‘recruiting fever’ this fall: we clearly need the human resources to transform theory into practice.

Now, if you got here and are still wondering about WFUNA or the difference between UNAs and UNYAs (I mean besides the extra Y), I got you!

First: WFUNA, founded in 1946 is a non-governmental organization which coordinates the membership of around 100 UNAs. WFUNA’s work consists on strengthening and improving the United Nations.

Second: The United Nations Associations are non-governmental organizations that exist in various countries to enhance the relationship between the people of member states and the United Nations to raise public awareness of the UN and its work, to promote the general goals of the UN.

Third: United Nations Youth Associations (UNYAs) are NGOs also, but  consist entirely of youth volunteers. *UNYAs also provide fertile ground for youth empowerment, education, networking, and generating public opinion to support the work of the United Nations building a better world for all. (In the words of the almighty WFUNA)

…And what’s special about us? In pretty much, evey other case, UNAs are formed before UNYAs. Our story is:  Once upon a time, on October 2016, a diverse group of young Albanians passionate about youth engagement and the works of the United Nations, decided to join their endeavors to create and foster a UN youth community in their country. Hence, UNA Albania begun firstly as a UN Youth Association having as its main mission to bring young people closer to the UN and the UN closer to the youth.

Now as an UNA, through projects such as seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences,publications and simulations of the international decision-making bodies, we aim to promote the ideas of the UN, to spread the word about the Sustainable Development Goals while encouraging initiatives that contribute to the achievement thereof, and to serve as a tool for non-formal education of young people fostering the spirit of cooperation and volunteerism.

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