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Weekend at MUN Lab’s – UNYA ALBANIA BLOG

Couple of months before, if they asked me “What are your plans for the weekend before?”, my answer would have not been: Well Mary, I am actually attending this 2-day long Model UN-workshop to learn how to better prepare for such conferences and how to further develop my leadership and negotiation skills. Why? First of all, I do not know any Marys. More importantly because (obviously!!!) there had not been one yet until this early December because had there been any before, I would have gone Fight Club Edward Norton & support groups on them.

In all seriousness guys, let me tell you a little bit about my last weekend.

The workshop took place at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana (Yes, law students were actually excited to visit their campus premises on a weekend). Fifty youngsters (give or take), aged 16 to 27 were present to hear about Gabor Rácz  a.k.a MUN Expert advice on MUN basics and:

Preparation and Research: Personally, as a renowned nerd, I loved hearing that one ought to do homework before each conference. Enough experience, although valuable cannot beat a solid understanding on the topic being discussed.

Public Speaking: You would think that for an introvert living through her pseudo-extroversion, I would loathe this part. As much as the idea of not writing most of your speeches frightened a better-safe than sorry person like myself, I presented an opening speech on nuclear disarmament as an expert of the field, in front of A CROWD. Sure, my voice was shaking and my heart was racing but after a while, it does get easier. Reminder to all the shy out there: Gabor was once a shy public speaker.

Resolution Writing: Basically everything there is to know on writing a resolution from its format, clauses and techniques on how to write and connect them together & evaluating your proposal.

Lobbying, Tactics, and Strategies: What I personally loved about this section is that it involved tips on a “5-minute MUN-business talk” in a social event among other things such as approaching other delegates, gathering support from your committee etc.

Brief simulation of DISEC: Let me just say that DISEC, Disarmament and International Security Committee holds its meetings in this art masterpiece of an assembly room which I loved when I visited UN headquarters this summer. Simulating the works of this committee, we were divided into two groups of experts to discuss the case of Nuclear Disarmament. The goal of this section was to put theory into practice: Go, Rules of Procedure, go!

In conclusion, I believe that we at UNA & UNYAA Albania are closer to our objective: turning Model United Nations Albania (MUN Albania) into a tradition. Also, we in deed had the opportunity to practice such skills required not only for participating to such conferences but also required by the job market which is a “two for the price of one” situation. Sounds pretty good to me!

…This article was written by your one and only, Linda Kelmendi



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